Y’all I just watched this three times because it is good.

Also I just went from pretty hungry to very very hungry.






this is my favorite video of the year so far

I would pay this man to follow me around and narrate my life

sunglasses, ain’t no sun

I shared this with two non-tumblr friends and it changed their lives.

Someone more talented than me should really flesh out the idea that there’s this old white guy who’s doing martial arts training so he can beat Satan’s ass during the Apocalypse.

Holy sweet baby Jesus I forgot how good this is.

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there isnt a single part of this vine i dont like


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I don’t get legit homesick anymore, but I do pine for my mom’s chilaquiles.

Similarly, I don’t miss my dad anymore, but I do desperately miss good carnitas.

I guess this is what it looks like to be heartless and hungry?  Oof.  Gross.


Shannon O’Neill brings you along to hang out with her celebrity friends. They’re very close.

Featuring katiedippold, jordanklepper, Ellie Kemper, Zach Woods, Bobby Moynihan, Jason Mantzoukas, & John Gemberling

UCB1 is Moujan Zolfaghari, James Patrick Robinson, mattfisher, Phebe Szatmari, Lizzy Bryce, Lauren Kahn, Daniel DeLorenzo, boriskhaykin, keithhaskel, suesmith, Dan Erickson, Bjorn Bellenbaum, Matthew Starr, Brett White, Shannon O’Neill, Eric Yearwood, and Pavel Ezrohi 

This is silly and sad and right up my alley and I like it.


Elaine Stritch rests her bike, reads a note, almost causes a riot.      

NEW YORK, June 26—TOLD TO KEEP HER SHIRT ON – Blonde Elaine Stritch, understudy to Ethel Merman in the Broadway hit, “Call Me Madam,” wears halter and shorts which cause her arrest in Central Park. Today she was fined $1 and told by Magistrate Emilio Jones, “A beautiful girl like you could cause a small riot and cause a large crowd to collect by removing your shirt.” “Well,” she replied, “I was there all day and nothing happened.” (AP, 1951)

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So I’ve been thinking a lot about The Chris Gethard Show lately. Its very existence. Why we started doing it. Why we’re doing it now. I’ve noticed a few things.

And it is time for us to BURN IT DOWN. It’s time for us to set a FOREST FIRE to this show, that might be the end of it but might just be the thing that allows new growth to happen.

In short, the motto for the rest of this summer when it comes to TCGS is EVOLVE OR DIE.


That’s the new mantra. This thing has to grow, or it has to go. Those are our options.

This will be a community discussion and we’ll all find the best landing spot together.

Be prepared - a long manifesto is about to unfold below.

Here are some of my concerns. I’m sure you have your own:

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I personally have never watched TCGS consistently, so this is mostly me reblogging just in case any of y’all fall into the category of People Who Used to Watch TCGS and No Longer Do.

And also to say that I really admire the self-awareness here as well as the willingness to burn it down and see what happens.